Basalt Rock Dust
Basalt Rock Dust

Basalt Rock Dust

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Rock Dust

Boost your yields and re-mineralise your soil with Basalt Rock Dust.

Rock dust stimulates microbial life in soil, aids in soil fertility and is also packed with minerals and trace elements that benefit plants, animals and humans. The slow release of these minerals provide fast and sturdy growth, increasing nutrient uptake, root development as well as increasing your soil’s cation exchange potential.

  • Increase yields
  • Lower mortality
  • Provide fungal protection 
  • Restores soil fertility
  • Contains 72 major & trace elements
  • Re-mineralises soil
  • Organic, slow-release fertilizer
  • Raises moisture & nutrient storage capacity of soils
  • Helps combat soil erosion
  • Produces more nutritious crops
  • Surpress weeds 
  • Increases resistance to insects, disease, environmental stressors
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • All natural
  • Great for compost
  • Great additive for acidic soils