Bokashi Bin

Bokashi Bin

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Forest Roots Bokashi Bin

Unsure of how to discard of your household food waste?

Forest Roots Bokashi Bin is designed to ensure mess free composting that will encourage the whole family to jump on the composting bandwagon. It’s quick, easy and odour-free. Our Bokashi Bins are indoor friendly and a great addition to your kitchen counter top or next to your recycling bin. Any veg scraps, meat, bone and dairy products can be placed into the bucket and composting right away. All you need to do is discard your waste into the bin, grab a handful of Forest Roots Bokashi Flakes, sprinkle it over the scraps and seal the lid!

Once your bin is full, drain all liquid from the tap (store liquid for plant fertiliser) and allow the full bucket to ferment over a two-week period.

Uses for fermented scraps:

  • Compost heap
  • Food for worms
  • Blending into soil
  • Compost tea

Uses for liquid fertiliser:

Use at a 1:500 ratio for soil drench

Use at 1:1000 ratio for foliar feeding