2400mm Fabric Raised Bed
2400mm Fabric Raised Bed
2400mm Fabric Raised Bed
2400mm Fabric Raised Bed

2400mm Fabric Raised Bed

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1150 x 2350 x 400 Fabric Raised Bed

Our non-woven geotextile fabric is manufactured to the highest standard to withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays and can be built up or broken down in minutes!

We want to ensure that you get years of happy growing in your chosen grow bed. 

  • Ideal raised grow bed for vegetables and Cannabis
  • Use Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse
  • No more nails and rotting wood
  • Light and easy to set up
  • Built to last

AND if that's not enough, the breathable fabric also ensures access to plenty of oxygen for the roots - preventing strangulation, root-rot and maintaining the microbiology in the soil.  

To get you better pricing and make shipping easier for everyone, we now sell the bed fabric and corner pieces only! Pvc can be bought from your local hardware store and we will include a small cut list with each package. Easy instructions will be included.

Simply purchase 25mm Pvc from your local hardware store, follow the cutting instructions in your package and you will be planting in your new raised bed in no time at all!
12 month Guarantee on Stitch work
Accommodating 800L of growing medium.
(This bed was also designed to fit a 1200 x 2400 tent or tray perfectly!)