Fulvic Acid Liquid

Fulvic Acid Liquid

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Fulvic Acid Liquid

Powerful, all natural agricultural product. Small enough to enter cell walls. A water soluble feed solution (soluble at all pH levels) readily available with a vast range of nutrients for  your plants 

Some benefits include:

  • Enhances the crop's natural processes 
  • Detoxifying agent - removes toxic elements
  • Plants are more vigorous and disease resistant 
  • Higher essential oil content 
  • Earlier and more bountiful harvests - without the need for synthetic compounds
  • Refined aromas and fragrances
  • Natural chelator and nutrient carrier
  • Improves nutrient availability and absorption through leaves and roots
  • Growth promoter (increased biomass production)
  • Improves effectiveness of pesticides 
  • Improve soil structure

Can be used for:

  • Broadacre fields and speciality farming
  • Nurseries
  • Green Houses
  • Lawns and Golf Courses
  • Urban and Home Gardens 
  • Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics
  • Soil Blends 

Fulvic acids form bonds to protect the environment from reacting with other ions in the plant’s environment and potentially being overpowered by them.

Soil drench applications: 2-5ml to the litre, 1 time per week in your feeding program.

Foliar spray applications: 1- 2ml per litre of water and can be used in addition to microbial and fertiliser based products.