Leca Crushed Clay Pellets 2-10mm
Leca Crushed Clay Pellets 2-10mm

Leca Crushed Clay Pellets 2-10mm

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Crushed Pellets 2-10mm 

LECA are small clay balls cooked in a rotary kiln at an extremely high temperature. It is a low-density clay aggregate which has a wide variety of benefits when used for plants. Our crushed pellets are extremely porous, the gaps between the clay balls and the open spaces within the LECA serve as wicks or capillaries, allowing the plants roots to draw water up through the substrate. This also creates the perfect “homes” for the microbiology in your soil to establish and attach onto. The air pockets within the clay balls and the gaps between them allow oxygen to reach the plant roots. This stimulates plant growth while also avoiding soil compaction and anaerobic soil conditions. LECA pellets are chemically inert with a neutral pH.

  • Perfect aeration for organic living soil

  • Does not break down like other aeration elements

  • Ideal medium for hydroponic growing systems

Growers Tips:

  • When making a new soil blend use at 20-30% of base mix for good soil structure, aeration and drainage.

  • To make your own seedling start substrate mix 1 part perlite to 3 parts coco-peat or peat moss. Inoculate with Explogrow and Forest Roots Molasses for explosive germination.