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Series Fixtures are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation. 

- Lower electrical usage 

- Increased yields

110W Bars and tracks can be bought separately 

Each LED bar has its own 120V-277V power supply

Each bar can be operated with its own power cord for intra plant lighting or side lighting from 120V-277V 

Each spectrum of bar can be mounted to your specific requirements in both spectrum and umol output 

Tracks have placement markings for the maximum number of tracks for even distribution 

LEDex track can be dimmed and turned on and off by 0-10 protocol control systems

These bars can be used in every area of your grow facility for specialised purposes 

A single bar or row of LEDs can be replaced if needed without returning or replacing the entire fixture

This design allows fixtures to be upgraded and customised in the future without having to replace the entire system

Bars can be mixed and matched