Biosphere Blend Soil 40L
Biosphere Blend Soil 40L

Biosphere Blend Soil 40L

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Our Biosphere Blend is a perfect mix of organic minerals and nutrients to give you a powerhouse organic living soil that delivers nutrient dense results without breaking the bank. 

This soil blend is mixed using premium thermophilic E.M. compost, pure worm castings, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, bio char and a perfect blend of slow release organic minerals and nutrients to get your plants thriving! 

To ensure quality and consistency we test our soil at a renowned laboratory in the United States. We then balance our nutrient levels based on the results of the lab analysis, specifically for nutrient dense cannabis growing. 

Perfect mix for Forest Roots fabric pots or raised beds

Grower's Tips:

  • Mulching your soil is key - use a living cover crop and/or dry mulch such as Alfalfa mulch

  • Irrigate using non-chlorinated water, never let your soil dry out completely (even when not in use).

  • After a number of successful harvests, simply re charge soil using our Mineral Pack and continue to use year after year.