Organic Veggie Soil

Organic Veggie Soil

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Our Organic Veg Mix is an ideal potting mix for raised beds and container gardening. Designed for growing nutritious herbs and vegetables at an affordable price.
Built with a mix of high quality compost, vermi-castings, peat moss, perlite, aged wood-chips and packed with organic amendments and minerals.

This is made with an ideal blend of Organic ingredients to bring you a nutrient packed organic soil that can deliver nutrient dense fruits! Our Organic Veg Mix takes the guess work out of gardening. Simply fill your pot or container with our mix, water thoroughly and plant your seeds or seedlings directly. Hard work done, simply maintain good moisture levels in your soil and watch your plants grow.

Growers Tips:

  • Mulching your soil is key - use a living mulch like the Forest Roots cover crop blend and/or dry mulch such as Forest Roots Alfalfa mulch.
  • Irrigate using non-chlorinated water, never let your soil dry out completely (even when not in use).
  • To activate your soil and kickstart the biology, water in some Forest Roots Molasses with ExploGrow and/ or Fish Mix.
  • Feed soil using Forest Roots Fulvic and Humic acid to aid in chelation of nutrients and minerals and to assist the biology in the soil for even better results.